What is FUNdrive?

FUNdrive is CKXU's annual week-long fundraising campaign!

​What are Contributions​​ and Pledges?

​Contributions help with many aspects of operating a campus-community radio station. Being as we are not funded by selling ads we need to make up some operational and capital expenses through alternative methods.

this is where you, our listeners come in. once a year we call out to the community for support and ask them to make a pledge, this time of the year is FUNdrive! Now most people call in and make a pledge via phone or use the donate option available on our main website.

​​Pledges represent the intent of a listener or individual to contribute, once a pledge is paid it can be referred to as a paid pledge or a contribution. After a contributions is made we then provide a gift to our contributor for them being awesome and helping us out. for more details on this please see the Swag! page

What is Done With Your Cosmic Donation?

Donations in previous years have helped the society operate and maintain systems and procure office supplies and services. Starting in 2014, CKXU began the Signal Expansion Project with the Boost the Signal FUNdrive, Power the Tower in 2015 to increase our radio transmission, Fund the Frequency in 2016, and our More Than Radio campaign in 2017. In 2018, our "Cosmic Frequencies" campaign is going towards updating and overhauling the CKXU website in the hope of making it a better platform for our volunteers, programmers, listeners and supporters!

Introducing: Our Upgrade to the Stars!

We have been approved by the CRTC to install a 3000 Watt transmitter that will render our current 100 Watt transmitter obsolete! Over the course of 2018 we will be getting all our ducks in a row and putting shovels in the ground for the signal increase. We hope to have successfully made the transition by the end of 2018! Keep checking back to our website (www.ckxu.com) for running updates.

For more information please contact the CKXU team at 403-329-5189!