What is FUNdrive?

CKXU 88.3 FM Presents: 
FUNdrive 2020

Check back in the coming weeks for some exciting announcements regarding FUNdrive 2020!

What is FUNdrive?

FUNdrive is CKXU 88.3 FM’s most important fundraising event of the year! For one week every March, CKXU-FM volunteers and staff work to actively collect donations from generous listeners and supporters of the station. The money raised is directly responsible for maintaining general operations, funding capital projects, and building additional resources for the community. For a donation of as little as $30, you can proudly say that you have helped an invaluable local resource for independent music and arts continue to operate and grow! Pretty cool, huh?

Where does your donation go?

In previous years, FUNdrive donations have been utilized to maintain general operations, fund capital projects, and build additional resources for the community. Starting in 2014, CKXU-FM embarked on the Signal Expansion Project - this initiative spanned four different FUNdrives, including:

2014 - Boost the Signal
2015 - Power the Tower
2016 - Fund the Frequency
2017 - More Than Radio

In 2018, we shifted our FUNdrive campaign focus towards the creation of a new CKXU-FM website. Our listeners and supporters are so near and dear to our hearts, and we want to make sure that all of our radio programming is readily available whenever that good ol' CKXU listening bug hits! Through this fundraiser, we hope to incorporate podcasting abilities, interactive show platforms, up-to-date music reviews, and MORE into our website! 

2018 - Cosmic Frequencies
2019 - Legends of the Radio Realm

How to Pledge YOUR Support!

Pledge YOUR support to your local independent campus-community radio station today by:
  • Calling 403-329-5189 to talk to our Phone Phantoms and donate to your local Campus-Community radio!
  • Visiting fundrive.ckxu.com to pledge your support to CKXU’s FUNdrive