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About Us

CKXU Presents: 
FUNdrive 2017 "MORE THAN RADIO" 

The theme of this year's FUNdrive was chosen to reflect CKXU's diverse involvement in the Lethbridge and Southern Alberta community and how CKXU is "More than Radio!"

CKXU's mission is to showcase and promote cultural diversity in Southern Alberta. The team at CKXU creates and fosters an inclusive arts community that is accessible to everyone!

CKXU's goal for this year's FUNdrive is to raise $30,000. All money raised will be used to improve the station's website, develop a cutting-edge digital music cataloging system, replace equipment in both broadcasting booths, and fund special programming and community development projects.
During this week of fundraising, the day-day CKXU FM broadcast changes over to FUNdrive-oriented programming. This year’s swag features our infamous Friends of CKXU discount card, hot sauce, mugs, t-shirts and more! We hold several fun public events within the community to help generate awareness for our campaign.  Here are a quick list of events in support of this year’s FUNdrive:
  • FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017 “SAAG Craft Beer Friday Presents: CKXU FUNdrive Kickoff Party” 5pm – 8pm @ The Southern Alberta Art Gallery

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017  “Cupcake Carnival” 1:00pm – 4:00pm @ Boys & Girls Club

  • FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2017 “FUNdrive Wrap Up Party” 8:30pm – 1:00am @ The Slice Bar & Grill

What's new with this year's FUNdrive?

  • Donate $25 for an entry to win an amazing grand prize from CKXU Friend businesses (valued at $250)!
  • Support scholarships for University of Lethbridge students created with every dollar CKXU raises over the $30,000 goal!
  • Listen daily for exciting programming featuring reappearances by CKXU DJ alumni and locally produced specialty programming!
  • Tune in 5pm - 6pm daily, for live on-air performances featuring local musical talent!
  • Enjoy "More than I.P.Adio" a FUNdrive 2017 themed beer by Theoretically Brewing will be available at The Slice Bar & Grill, The Owl Acoustic Lounge, and Theoretically Brewing during the week of FUNdrive.  

About CKXU 88.3FM  

CKXU-FM is a not-for-profit campus community radio station, broadcasting at 88.3 FM and worldwide at www.ckxu.com, from the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 

CKXU-FM's purpose is to offer programming that: 

  • is different in style and substance from the programming offered by other types of radio stations 
  • is reflective of the diverse elements of the community we serve 
  • provides inexpensive community access to the airwaves 
  • participates in and promotes the communities we serve

Did you know?

  • All undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Lethbridge pay an $8 levy every semester which covers CKXU's human resources and core operating expenses;
  • CKXU relies on donations from the community to support continued growth and development of community radio in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.
  • CKXU is in the final stages of the signal increase project! Stay tuned for expanded coverage in Lethbridge and beyond!
  • CKXU has three operational staff: one full-time Station Manager, one part-time Program Director, one part-time Music Director, and several coordinators who work in a volunteer capacity to manage certain aspects of the organization.  
  • CKXU Radio Society relies on steering and oversight by a board of directors, consisting of representatives from the Lethbridge community, University of Lethbridge student population, Students' Union, Graduate Students' Society, and Faculty.  
  • CKXU organizes and participates in a number of annual community and student events including Highway and Coulee Clean-Ups, support for South Country Fair, and the increasingly popular annual Love & Records Festival, a celebration of music culture and record fair held in Galt Gardens each September.  
  • CKXU is proud to have many community partners in their day-to-day operations, including: SAAG, Attainable Records, The Slice Bar & Grill, The Owl Acoustic Lounge, Theoretically Brewing, Blueprint Entertainment, Boys & Girls Club, YMCA Lethbridge, and the Lethbridge Public Library.  
  • CKXU broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

How can I support community radio?

  1. Go to FUNdrive.CKXU.com to make an online donation!
  2. CALL to pledge your support - pledge lines 403-329-5189 will be open from Friday, March 17 to Friday March 24 at 6pm
  3. Listen to CKXU 88.3FM (or CKXU.com) to hear from volunteers about why community radio is important!

If you have any other questions or comments about FUNdrive 2017, your Friends of CKXU 2016 contract, this event, or other CKXU opportunities or information, please feel free to contact me directly or visit www.ckxu.com/fundrive for more information!
Thanks again!

The CKXU Team

Still have questions?
Call 403-329-5189
email manager@CKXU.com