Hear ye, hear ye!

The CKXU Radio Guild requests the honor of your presence at the FUNdrive 2019: Legends of the Radio Realm festivities from Friday the 15th day of March to Friday the 22nd day of March.

We’re packing up and diving headfirst “Legends of the Radio Realm” in search of the fabled website wizard who will help guide our listeners on the path to discovering limitless programming, podcasting and more! By pledging your support and joining in on the Radio Realm adventure, you’re helping forge the way to bigger and better listener experiences!

Stayed tuned for our next Town Crier announcement, featuring information about upcoming FUNdrive 2019 events, pledging and radio programming.

Why should YOU donate to CKXU 88.3 FM?

  • All funds raised from FUNdrive 2019: Legends of the Radio Realm will be used to completely overhaul the CKXU-FM website to include podcasting, interactive radio show experiences, local music reviews, and more! We want our lil radio family to have access to all of our radio content 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Revamping our website will help YOU, our listeners, have better access to what we do best: RADIO. 
  • We’re DIY radio – Dynamic, Inclusive, and YOURS. We’re dedicated to providing an on-air platform that supports all voices, and aim to supply individuals with useful tools, training, and resources that they can continue to employ outside of CKXU-FM spaces. Contributions from campus and community members like YOU make this possible, and contribute to the varied on-air content that we pride ourselves on broadcasting!
  • Supporting CKXU-FM is supporting local! We work hard to continuously invest time, energy and funds to assist local, up and coming, and underrepresented artists in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. For as little as $30, you can proudly say that you’ve helped an invaluable local resource for independent music and arts continue to operate and grow! Pretty rad, huh?

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