30 Days of CKXU Loves You - Wednesday



For 30 days straight, we'll be posting testimonials from our volunteers, programmers, members, and supporters, all focused on spreading that
good ol' CKXU love!

Meet one of our programmers, DJ Wednesday!

Where did your CKXU journey begin?

"I started tuning in during my first year of my studies at the university in 2015. It took another three years before I developed a show plan and decided to further my journey as a host!"

What role has CKXU played in your life?

"CKXU has given me a medium where I can speak openly and passionately about the topics I feel strongly for. I feel so much unity and community from CKXU, it truly is a place where I feel both comfortable and challenged to be and do better."

What's your favorite thing about CKXU?

"The people! DJ's, the staff, the volunteers. CKXU truly is a welcoming, inclusive community (that's not to say there isn't room for improvement in terms of inclusivity)."

What's your favorite thing about FUNdrive?

"The bringing together of the community! FUNdrive unifies so much of Lethbridge which has extensive value beyond the dollars."

Tune in Mondays at 3pm for Wednesday's show, Third Base!

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