30 Days of CKXU Loves You - Pirate Jen



For 30 days straight, we'll be posting testimonials from our volunteers, programmers, members, and supporters, all focused on spreading that 
good ol' CKXU love!

Meet one of our programmers and board members, Pirate Jen!

Where did your CKXU Journey begin?

"2009 listening to Dragon Fli Empire driving home- it was Fundrive!"

What role has CKXU played in your life?

"CKXU has provided an amazing space to raise my child in. Since our first visit we've had opportunities to listen to amazing Canadian music, attend super fun events, and explore the world together. Shows like Those Feminists have helped us have tricky conversations about queerness, feminism, reproductive health... The variety of music from Adulting, Universal Language, Fallopian Tunes, and so much more has helped to broaden our tastes and breakdown the settler-colonial patriarchal world."

What's your favorite thing about CKXU?

"Definitely the people. CKXU is a diverse, hilarious, brilliant group of folks. They've always welcomed the child with open arms! I've loved my time at CKXU - going from donor to programmer to board member and I'm very excited to watch the child continue his involvement as he gets older. I love the station and the people. It's become a second home & I'll always be grateful for it."

What's your favorite thing about FUNdrive?

"Cupcake Carnival! The creativity that people from the community show is awesome. Plus who doesn't love a sugar buzz? We also really enjoy the age inclusive events & shows."

Tune in Thursdays at 12pm for While You Were Sleeping with Pirate Jen!

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