30 Days of CKXU Loves You - King Richard/Mad Dog Amery



For 30 days straight, we'll be posting testimonials from our volunteers, programmers, members, and supporters, all focused on spreading that 
good ol' CKXU love!

Meet one of our long-time programmers,
King Richard/Mad Dog Amery!

Where did your CKXU Journey begin?

"CKUL 1991-94, Then again CKXU 2007-present"

What role has CKXU played in your life?

"CKXU is better than therapy. My shows Disco Sucks Punkin Old School 8-10 Wednesdays and The Hotrock blues beat on Saturdays 8-10 give me something to look forward to every week. I can cleanse my soul of negativity energy and bleak thoughts just by spending two hours playing the music I love, chatting about events in the community, giving live hockey updates, the weather, whatever thoughts come to mind and introducing other people to bands they may not have heard of or listened to if it wasn’t for me. I have a dedicated core of listeners who are always commenting on my Facebook page during my shows so I enjoy my correspondence with them no matter how strange the threads get.

In the beginning, when I was trying to figure life out as a university student and not fitting in anywhere, CKUL was there. Back then, WKRP in Cincinnati reruns were on the TV and I always wanted to be Dr. Johnny Fever, so I was really excited to find out I could be on the air and have my own show right here on campus. Heck, the old board even looked like the WKRP board. (Anybody else remember using those old 8 track carts for PSAs and ads?) I took pride in being the only classic rock show on alternative radio . It was called Mad Dog’s Music Machine — an alternative to alternative. AKA a pain in the ass. But the other volunteers took me in, gave me a place to belong and introduced me to music I might not have discovered otherwise like The Outlaws, Shriekback, the Subhumans, Angry Samoans and a lot more, the Last Call Vancouver Independent Music 1977-88 compilation. [...] Some of that music and those bands still get played today. When we were on CKUL, you could only hear us on cable FM. And if you didn’t have access to that, there used to be a pretty cool lounge area outside the station where Aaron Trozzo's office is now, where students could sit, read and listen to us."

What's your favorite thing about CKXU?

"In a word — Everything. I love the people. The volunteers and staff are so friendly, dedicated, helpful and passionate about music and life, they reinvigorate me. I also love our vinyl collection. It has shrunk a lot since CKUL, but I’m still always finding gems I’ve been looking everywhere for but haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I love finding new bands and new music and having a platform to share them with other people, hoping that doing so will give them the same feeling of elation that first discovering that music gave me. I also love being able to interview bands live in the studio and having them all cram into the booth to play a live set."

What's your favorite thing about FUNdrive?

"Spreading the word. I hate asking people for money, but it has to be done to keep the lights on and get a new website this year! FUNdrive is a great excuse to tell people about what the station means to me. Also all of the fun events the organizers come up with. The medieval theme Into the Radio Realm looks like it will be a lot of fun. This year's blend of Love and Records and the Cupcake Carnival over at the library on March 16 will be a blast."

Join Mad Dog on Mondays at 8pm for Disco Sucks: Punk 'n Old School, and King Richard every Saturday at 8pm for the Hot Rock Blues Beat!

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