30 Days of CKXU Loves You - Ginger



For 30 days straight, we'll be posting testimonials from our volunteers, programmers, members, and supporters, all focused on spreading that 
good ol' CKXU love!

Meet one of our super volunteers, Ginger!

Where did your CKXU journey begin?

"My very first day at the University of Lethbridge as a student. I may have scoped out the station instead of finishing orientation ..."

What role has CKXU played in your life?

"CKXU has been a gateway to becoming part of many different communities. It has been an amazing volunteer outlet, has helped me discover all sorts of new music I never would have encountered on my own, changed the way I view my community, introduced me to countless incredible and passionate individuals many of whom I’m grateful to call my friends, and has allowed me to learn so many different and interesting things I never would have thought community radio would ever cross paths with!"

What's your favorite thing about CKXU?

"My favourite part about CKXU is that it allows me to continue to learn. On top of always expanding my music tastes, musical knowledge, and production skills, CKXU fosters a space full of people and ideas that constantly challenges my views and beliefs about the world around me, allowing me to question what I’ve been taught, reflect on why I think certain things or in particular ways, and to change and grow as a person. CKXU has some awesome staff, and some incredible volunteers and programmers. People in your community doing amazing things. If it isn’t what you want it to be, the beauty is you can get involved and help shape it into what you’d like. CKXU is community meant to support the greater community, there is space for all of us to pursue what we’re passionate about in a way that helps build a better tomorrow. All walks of life, all sorts of people, all voices are important. Our community is incredibly diverse and complex, and CKXU will reflect that more and more as the varied parts of the community get involved. Come and tell your story, and if not help amplify the stories that are often overlooked but are important voices that deserve to be heard."

What's your favorite thing about FUNdrive?

"I’m very weird and I love helping people. So I get quite a deal of satisfaction helping fulfill pledges, and working phone lines. In the midst of how hectic things may be during FUNdrive it feels great to be able to help out people on both ends and assist in keeping things running smoothly."

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