30 Days of CKXU Loves You - Chris



For 30 days straight, we'll be posting testimonials from our volunteers, programmers, members, and supporters, all focused on spreading that 
good ol' CKXU love!

Meet one of our long-time DJs, Chris!

Where did your CKXU Journey begin?

"The long answer probably includes the first cassette tapes I ever owned and listened to on my 80s Walkman. A shorter version shows me in university, spending a lot of time in the students union building and feeling inspired to share some of my ever expanding music collection with other people. This was in like 2003 or something - so it’s been quite the ride."

What role has CKXU played in your life?

"What a tough question. CKXU is my favourite radio station, my club, my community and my family. I’ve served on the board of directors, participated at lots of great events, interviewed lots of interesting people. It also allows me to really just sit back for 5 hours each week to truly enjoy the act of listening to music - something that my mind and soul really craves."

What's your favorite thing about CKXU?

"It sounds a little cheezy but I remember being young and listening to the radio, hearing songs I’d never heard before and learning about bands from all over the world and years gone by. It infected me and sent me down the proverbial rabbit hole and I guess I just hope that I’m imparting some of that love and spirit to other listeners out there, whoever they may be. CKXU truly is an alternative radio station, hosted by local southern Albertans, who each volunteer their personal time to bring you original content over the airwaves every week. You should all feel a little bit of pride that independent media is alive and well in your hometowns."

What's your favorite thing about FUNdrive?

"Over and above the fact that every year I can get a sweet new CKXU T-shirt .... my favourite thing is actually watching the dollar total change on the white board at the station as the phone rings and listeners donate money. Just watching that total go up and up, hour by hour, is really kind of exciting."

Tune in at 7pm every Sunday for the Kitchen Sink or Thursdays at 5pm for The CKXU Spotlight to hear more from Chris!

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