CKXU 88.3 FM Presents: FUNdrive 2019

FUNdrive 2019: Legends of the Radio Realm

We're diving headfirst into the "Legends of the Radio Realm" in search of the fabled website wizard who will help guide our listeners on the path to discovering limitless programming, podcasting, and more! By pledging your support and joining in on the Radio Realm adventure, you're helping forge the way to bigger and better listener experiences!

Feel free to browse through our Adventure Packs shown below to get your very own Radio Realm swag!

FUNdrive 2019

Join us on our quest through the "Legends of the Radio Realm!" Pull out your map and razor sharp adventurer skills to navigate your way through the Seven Levels of Swag - from our $30 Wandering Minstrel Level to our $300 Prairie Regalia Level, there's something in the Radio Realm for everyone.